Besides asking the participants of your promotion to answer a certain question, participate with a video or photo, etc, you may suggest them to they follow your Facebook page or your social profiles on Twitter or Instagram. Nevertheless, bear in mind that, according to Facebook regulation, you can't request them to become fans. 

Can I suggest different fan pages?

Yes, you may suggest different fan pages not also to the participants but also to the voters in a promotion. This way, the suggestion will pop up when they click on "Participate" or "Vote".  

Can I ask them to click on 'Like', comment or share the contest or their participation?

These actions cannot be compulsatory either, according to Facebook regulations. However, you can boost viral actions by using our ranking contest, where you can award points depending on the users' viral actions. Thus, you can choose the winner easily among the most active participants of your campaign. You'll be able to obtain: 

a) A votes ranking. 

b) A users ranking, activating the referrals ranking.

c) A score-based ranking. 

These options are only available for our Cool Promo o Cool Promo White Label plans.