A good social media marketing action could be to create a social media campaign where you boost the users' participation, for instance, with a prize to attract potential clients. Nontheless, an essential part to make our campaign successful is to disseminate the information, reaching the highest number of users who may be interested in it. 

How can I make my campaign more popular? 

  • Remember to include links to the campaign on all your social media profiles. It doesn't matter if you launch your campaign on Facebook. Besides sharing it on your wall, you can also do it on Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram. You should always use the url compatible with mobile devices that Cool Tabs provides you, as more and more people are using their cell phones or tablets to participate in contests or promotions. Don't forget to share the campaign multiple times, depending on its duration. 

  • Include the campaign in your newsletter. 

  • If you launch your promo on Facebook, you can use Facebook Ads or Facebook Offers

  • If your promotion or contest is for Twitter users, then the alternative to Facebook would be Twitter Ads

  • Google Adwords is another option where you pay for publiciting and viralizing your campaigns. We advise you to use it for lomg-term campaigns.