On the native Facebook app, both for Android and IOS, there is a problem affecting users who try to participate in a photo contest. When they click to select a photo and upload it to the contest, the phone galley won't open

Which versions are affected by this problem? 

Android: 4.4.x and 5.x versions.

IOS: 8.1.x version and upper versions. 

When does this problem occurs?

When users of certain versions of Android and IOS click on a link that goes to a photo contest on a Facebook wall (from the user's wall or from a shared link). This happens exclusivily on Facebook, not on other social networks or if the link is sent by mail, for example.  

Cool Tabs solution for this problem

Cool Tabs shows a message to the users that happen to find this problem. This message tells them to conect to Facebook through their mobile browser instead than from the app. This way, they'll be able to select the picture with which they want to participate in the contest. 

This is the message that is shown to users affected by this problem: