To create a direct draw among your Twitter followers or those participants who like or comment one or more of your photos or videos, choose our Twitter Sweepstakes app. 

How to use Twitter Sweepstakes

1. Access Cool Tabs, create a new campaign and choose the Twitter Sweepstakes app.
  • Choose the Twitter user you want to run the contest with. 

  • Choose the type of drawing you want to perform. You can make it among all your followers or those users who have retweeted one (or more) of your tweets. 

  • If you choose to make it among all your followers, the sweepstake will be run among all your profile's followers. 

  • If you choose to make it among those users who have liked or commented one (or more) posts, choose the post or posts in the following step. You can run the swwpstake with one or more posts. Also, you can choose if, to enter in the draw, it's mandatory to follow your Twitter profile, as well as the dates in which the sweepstake will be run.

  • Twitter Sweepstakes also allows you to edit your sweepstake and include new posts. This is very useful if we give a reminder of the contest on Twitter. This way, all the retweets made on the new posts will be collected as well.

    To include new posts, you just need to access your campaign and click on 'Add more tweets', and select the tweet/s you want to add. 

  • Select also the dates in which we'll start and end collecting data.

    * Bear in mind that you should create the Twitter Sweepstake right after you publish your tweet and include all the new posts right after you create them, to ensure that all the participations are collected. Twitter only gives us the last 100 retweets. Also, you can only make sweepstakes of tweets or retweets that are less than seven days old, as Twitter doesn't provide older information. 

2. To choose the winner or winners, click on 'Choose winners' on the 'Winners' tab that you'll find on the left side of your screen.
  • You can select the winner or winners among the users that meet your requirements. You can, for example, filter the participants who have followed the account/s (filter only available from our Gold One Plan).

  • Once you've chosen the winner/s, you'll get a link to a public winners' webpage, so you can share the results with all your followers.

Twitter Sweepstake also allows you to customize your public winners' webpage. Take a look here

Specific conditions of Twitter Sweepstakes.

  • You can only make direct draws on both Twitter followers and retweets public profiles.

  • Twitter Sweepstakes price:
Up to 100 participants more than 100 participants
0€ / $0 Available unlimited with any of our plans 
(From 20 € / $ 25)
Without report Download report*

* Downloading a report with all data from users who have become part of the drawing (only users who have retweet): This option is available only for the paid version of Twitter Sweepstakes. In the report the following user information will appear: username, name, number of followers, following number, number of tweets, profile description, location and personalized URL.

  1. You can only make sweepstakes of tweets or retweets that are less than seven days old, as Twitter doesn't provide older information. 
  2. A maximum of 20,000 retweets will be collected.
  3. The Twitter Search API is based on the relevance of publications and not in gathering them all. This means that some tweets or users will not appear in the final results. We usually collect over the 85% of the retweet on a tweet. 

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