To create a direct draw among those participants who like or comment one or more of your photos or videos, choose our Instagram Sweepstakes app. 

You can run actions like: "comment the post and mention one or more friends". You can choose one or more of them. Keep in mind that, due to the changes on Instagram's API, it's not permitted to run a sweepstake in which the participants need to like your post/s or follow your profile. 

With our Gold One Plan, you can also run a contest among pictures that belong to different Instagram profiles.

How to use Instagram Sweepstakes? 

1. Access Cool Tabs, create a new campaign and choose the Instagram Sweepstakes app. 

  • Choose the Instagram user you want to run the contest with. 

In case you want to run the contest with a different user, you need to associate it. To do so, just clik on 'Associate another Instagram user to make the draw" and enter the user and password of the profile. Once associated, click 'Continue'.

  • Choose the type of drawing you want to perform. You can make it among those users who have commented one (or more) of your posts.  

  • If you choose to make it among those users who have commented one (or more) posts, choose the post or posts in the following step.

  • Select the dates by which the data will be collected. Choose as well if you want to collect likes, comments or both.

  • Instagram Sweepstake also allows you to edit your sweepstake and include new posts. This is very useful if we give a reminder of the contest on Instagram. This way, all the comments made on the new posts will be collected as well.

To include new posts, you just need to access your campaign and click on 'Add more photos from any of your associated Instagram accounts'. 


And select the post/s you want to add. 

2. To choose the winner or winners, click on 'Choose winners' on the 'Winners' tab that you'll find on the left side of your screen.

  • You can select the winner or winners among the users that meet the following rules (you can select or leave empty the filters depending on the requirements): 

- Participants who have commented your photo/s or video/s (one or both actions). You can filter so the draw is made among those participants who have included a certain answer or comment. 

- Participants who have mentioned one or more friends (up to 10 mentions). 

-  Participants who have included the hashtag, word/s or mention required in their comments. You can write variuous words separated by spaces, so the comments which include any of them are filtered. 

Thus, the winner or winners will be chosen among all the participants that meet all the requirements we have filtered. From example, the participants who have left a comment, mentioned three friends and included a hashtag. 

Besides, if it's a draw among users who have commented your post, you have the possibility to give extra ballot papers to those who have commented or answered with a particular word. Also, in a draw among comments, you can give ballot papers to those who have included a particular answer. Give extra ballot papers is available from our Gold One Plan).

  • Once you've chosen the winner/s, you'll get a link to a public winner's webebpage, so you can share the results with all your followers. You can also custom your winners page with a custom header. 

Instagram Sweepstakes conditions

  • You can only make direct Instagram Sweepstakes among those users who comment on a post, always in public profiles.
  • You can also make a contest with a promoted post or among posts that belong to different profiles (very useful to make campaigns with influencers). 

Instagram Sweepstakes price:

Up to 100 participants
more than 100 participants
0€ / $0
Available unlimited with any of our plans 
(From 20 € / $ 25)
Without report
Download report*


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