Depending on what your social media strategy is, you could use restrictions and exclusivity to target your campaign to a specific audience. To that end, we decided to include the possibility to add a password to your promotions and competitions so that only your chosen audience can participate. It works in such a way that when any user clicks to participate, they are prompted to enter an access code to be able to do so.

Enter a valid code to participate

Prior to having this option, you could already run promotions for exclusive audiences through coupon validation with our applications. Generally, coupon validation is used when you give your customers codes either in your physical shop or your online shop, and get them to validate them on Facebook to receive a discount or gift. It is a way to get our customers to become fans of our Facebook page and means that they can keep up to date with our news and publications and we can encourage more engagement with the use of closer contact on a day-to-day basis.

However, this new function to include a password in your promotions and competitions not only allows you to restrict your customers but also others to whom you can send the access code.

To protect a promotion or competition with a password, you can include the access code in the ‘Basic Data’ section of your promotion’s setup page.

Promotion protected by password

If you still don’t know how you could use a password-protected competition, we have many more ideas. Contact us and we will be happy to help!

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