Through users voting, through automatic and impartial methods to try to share responsibility with someone, witnessed by a notary, etc. Selecting the winner of a competition at first seems somewhat complicated. Because choosing the winner of your promo should not be an ordeal, in this tutorial we will explain the steps to follow so that you can select the winner or winners. 

How do I select a winner? 

1. We access the Cool Tabs’ admin panel and click on the icon ‘See participations’ from the recently finished promotion for which we must choose a winner.

2. You'll se an option on the left part of the webpage called "Winners". Click on that option. 

3. You will find that you can select the competition winner or winners either manually or randomly depending on your preferences.

  • In the case of having set up a voting competition there will be a third option: 'Random draw among all voters'. 

1. Manual selection

Either because you've made the draw in the presence of a notary or because you are clear about who the winner will be, this would be the option to include the email of the lucky winners and runners-up (if there are any) directly and save them in the application.

2. Random sweepstake between participants

There are two possibilities within this option. They are for the random draw to effectively be between all the participants or for a series of filters to be applied so that only those participants who fulfil a series of conditions can be part of the draw.

Once you have selected the filter or filters applicable to your competition, click on "Step 1: Filter" to see how many participants are going to be included in the random draw and complete the field of number of winners and runners-up.

3. Random sweepstake among all voters 

This option is generally used for competitions where users have only had to vote, for example, to choose their favourite, or also in promotions where we try to capture votes from users also offering them a prize for being active users in the promotion. For this type of draw you will only have to complete the number of winners and runner-sup you wish to have and, after completing those fields, click on 'carry out draw'.

Remove a winner from the list of winners

Once the winner or winners have been selected, there is the possibility (only available through the Gold One or upper plan) to remove a winner from the list of winners. This is very useful if, after having randomly selected a winner, we access the profile through which they have participated and see that are a so-called a "contest expert". 

To delete a winner from the list of winners click on the waste bin icon in to the left of the list of winners. In doing so you will remove that participant from the list of winners and we will include the first runner-up in the list if you have chosen to include runners-up when selecting the winner or winners. 

Similarly, you can remove a runner-up from the list by clicking on the waste bin icon that appears to the left of the name of the runner-up. 

How do I make the name of the winners public?

On the screen where the winner or winners and their respective runners-up appear, we give you the option to save the result of the draw and to make the name of the winners of the competition public, so that with this you would have two ways to publish the name or names of the winners:

  • If you activate the option to make the result public: Everyone will be able to see it when accessing the application (you will no longer see the competition landing page to participate and/or vote as before).


  • If you activate the option 'personalised creative contents for promo winners page': You can use this section to publish the name of the winners you already have but using a style of your own and not the style that appears by default in the previous option. This way you will be able to give the winning list your own creative touch.

Once you have published the results of your draw in the application, if that's what you decide, do not forget to write a status on your fan page notifying of the fact that there are competition winners, with a link to the application (preferably, as we always recommend , include the mobile device compatible link we provide).

Here is an image of how the winners would be published with our default option:

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