We tell you all the details of your Social Media campaigns so you find out more about the participants, the visitis, the profiles... You'll know which are the best sources, which time or day or the weeks are more participations... We also provide you a conversion funnel very useful to know which percentage of users finish your quiz. 

* Keep in mind that, once you finish a plan, Cool Stats will only be available for five more days.

How to see your campaign's Cool Stats

Access your campaigns and click the "Statistics" icon. 


You'll only be able to check the number of likes (if it's a Facebook sweepstake), the number of fans you've won over the period the campaign has been active and the number of participations and votes. 

If it's a Facebook or Twitter campaign, you'll also be able to see the number of fans you had before the campaign started and the fans you've won in this period of time. 


1. Participations data 

The first chart of this section shows two different data: 

  • Participacions: Total number of participations and from which sources they come (inside the url personalized campaigns you've created). 
  • Referred participations: Those which come from the viral actions of other participants. 

2. Conversion / Unique users

3. How many participations have been each hour of the day

4. Hoe many participations have been each day of the week 

5. Users who got more referrals 

This chart shows the email, name of ID of these users. 

6. Users who access the campaign and how they do that 

  • Participacions from mobile devices or PC
  • Referred participations 
  • Participacions from the different channels where the campaign has been published:  otros canales diferentes a la Not your fan page or microsite. 

7. Adquisition sources

8. Daily participations from each source

Daily evolution of the sources from which the participants come. You can click on each one to see the evolution. 


1. Campaing visits

It represents the visits, seen pages and unique users. We can see it on detail by filtering by days. 

2. Visits referred by users 

It shows the participants who brought more visits to the campaign through their viral actions.

Visitas referidas por los usuarios

3. Visits each hour of the day 

4. Visits each day of the week 

5. Hoe do visits get to the campaign 

  • Direct visits vs referred visits
  • Visits from mobile devices

Cómo llegan las visitas a la campaña

6. Visit sources 

7. Daily visits from each source


Check out the stats of your votes if you activated this option in your campaign. 


1. Votes and fans got through votes (referred fans)

2. Votes conversion /unique users. 

Conversión de usuarios únicos en votantes

3. Votes each hour of the day 

Total de votaciones según la hora del día

4. Votes each day of the week 

Total de votos por cada día de la semana

5. Users who got more referred votes

By publishing the link of their participation on the wall or sending invitations (these referred voters become effective 48 hours after the user has sent the invitation or published the link)

Usuarios que más votos referidos han conseguido

6. Who votes and how 

  • Votos from mobile devices
  • Referred votes
  • Votes from other channels

7. Sources of the votes

Fuentes a través de las cuales han llegado los votos

8. Daily votes from each source

Evolución de las votaciones según sus fuentes


From the landing page |  From the participants page | Total

1. Total conversions 

  • We can see how many visits there have been in our campaign and how many of them have become participations.
  •  A conversion funnel
  • Viral data (number of times the users have shared their participation on Social Media)

2. Sources of the conversion 

3. Conversions for campaign 

Visits, tottal conversions and percentage of global conversion of each personalized url campaign. 

Noe, you can check tour ROI more easily than ever.

*Cool Stats no está disponible para las campañas creadas con la aplicación Cool Promo Lite.

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