After participating in a Cool Tabs' promotion or competition, a page is displayed (which is called Page after participate). It has several elements that show up by default, for example, a "Thank you for participating" message that you can configurate in the "Design" section of your campaign. It can be configurated as: 

  • Message by default for all users. 
  • Customised message depending on the results obtained in the quiz (only for Quizzes with or without points for right answers or Personality tests). 
  • Customised message for users who are winners of an Instant Win competition. 

You can customise these messages, which will pop up on the top section of the page, depending on the results the participants obtain in the promotion or competition. You may use texts or images in order to do so. 

However, these fields can also be used to fully customise the "Page after participate". You need to select the values you want to show up and specify how and where you want them to do it. Use html on the fields we previously told you about, and do it with the following {{{handlebars}}}: 

  • User's first name: {{{first_name}}}
  • User's last name: {{{last_name}}}
  • User's full name: {{{full_name}}}
  • URL of the image or photo the user has uploaded to a photo competition: {{{image}}} 
  • Number of referred users the user has driven to the competition: {{{referred_count}}} 
  • Number of votes the user has received: {{{votes_count}}} 
  • Customised link the user should share to make the campaign go viral: {{{participation_link}}} 
  • Number of points the user has obtained in a quiz: {{{quizz_points}}} 
  • Link to the public page of global results of the quiz: {{{quizz_results_link}}} 
  • ID or Passport number with which the user has participated in the promotion: {{{ nif }}
  • Answers to each question of the quiz (you may include each answer, combining the question number to each variable). This way, the variable of the answer to question 1 of the quiz would be {{{answer_quiz_1}}}, the variable of the answer to question 2 of the quiz would be {{{answer_quiz_2}}} and so on. 

Bear in mind that these variables only below to the text of the value they represent, except the {{{image}}} variable, which represents the url of the image the user has uploaded.

On the default page, these variables will show up as you may see in the following screenshot: 

If you modify the variables using html, you can get a customised page like the following one: 

Here you have an example of the html used for customising the message that users can see after participating in a promotion. It depends on the different results they obtained in the quiz (only for Quizzes with or without points for right answers or Personality tests). 

<div class="image_win">

<p style="text-align: center;"><img alt="" src="" style="width: 810px; height: 809px;" /></p>

<div class="points">{{{quizz_points}}}</div>

<div class="name">{{{first_name}}}</div>


How to customise the Share Button displayed after participating in a promotion

If you want to change the Share Button displayed on these page, you need to follow these steps:

1. Create a customised image so, by clicking on it, users can see the pop-up that usually shows up when you click on the Share Button. It will display all the options the user has to share his/her participation. 

2. Add you image to the html on the field you are using to show the message after participating

3. Include the link to the pop-up this way: <a href="#" class="x_cool_tabs_share_button_participation"><img src="NEW IMAGE"></img></a>


How to include a link to the participants data list

If you wish to include a link to the public participation list (which doesn't show up on this page by default), you must include the class:  x_cool_tabs_participations_link 


 <a href="#" class="x_cool_tabs_participations_link"><img src="NEW IMAGE"></img></a>

How to include a link to the quiz global results

If you wish the participants to have access to the quiz global results, you may include a link to the page where these results are displayed. You must include the class: x_cool_tabs_quizz_results_link


 <a href="#" class="x_cool_tabs_quizz_results_link"><Resultados del quizz></a>

You can also customise: