To filter the different answers obtained in a quiz or questionnaire run with Cool Tabs can be very useful. Imagine the following situation: you created a questionnaire in which you made different questions and the participants needed to choose among 4 different answers. How could you be able to know how many participants have chosen each question in a simple way? 

Filter the answers of a quiz from Excel, step by step

1. Download the complete participations data list and open it in Excel. 

2. Look at the column that belongs to the first answer of your questionnaire, click on the title and choose "Filter". From all the options, choose the following one:
"Filter by the value of each selected cell."

3. Click on the icon which has shown up in the column to select one of the answers that belongs to that question. This way, you'll find out how many participants chose each answer.  

4. When you select each answer, you'll just have to look at the message that appears at the bottom part of Excel to discover the number of participants that chose that answer. As you can see in this screenshot, 250 participants from a total of 540 participants chose the first answer.