With our Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label applications you can create a competition in which participants have to validate their code in order to participate.

Steps to follow:

1. Registration in the promotion: 

Configure the network or social networks (or without social network, if you choose "anonymously") with which users can participate.

2. Basic information: 


Fill in the basic information for your campaign: Name, name of your tab (only if you are going to publish it on Facebook), etc.

3. Validation of coupons/codes:

Add the codes that the application must validate when users include it when participating. If the codes are repeated, just activate the option "Enable coupons or code validation". If they are thousands of coupons, contact us

4. Design:

Once you have activated the validation of coupons or codes, you should go back to the "design" section and "choose the type of message you want to show users after they participate" to create personalised messages for each code or for certain codes.

Imagine that we have sent a validation code in our newsletter to our customers and we are going to draw for several prizes (for example, 4 prizes). In this section you should click on "access this URL to configure the final screens depending on the results of the quiz", as shown in the following screenshot, to configure your different messages.

Note: The URL will appear when you have saved the changes. You will find the "save" option at the end of everything.

5. Link to URL: (Add new screen)

In this section you will have to add a new screen for each personalised message that you want to create for your different prizes. On each screen you can configure the message itself that will show each winner and the options of viralisation of their participation. 

Note: You must add a new screen for each code, whenever the prizes are different.

6. Opciones de la nueva pantalla para cada mensaje personalizado.

a. Conditions: 

In this section you can write a private name for each screen that only you will see and you must add the code for which you are creating this specific message.

            b. Design:

 Here you must write the message or upload the creative contents, indicating the prize that has been won.

Below you will write the message that you want the winner to share on their Facebook wall or on Twitter and you can add a personalised image for this particular participant.

7. Save. 

When saving the changes you can create another screen with another prize for another code.


With these simple steps you have created a personalised message for participants that include the codes you have chosen as being winning. 

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