The applications Cool Promo and Cool Promo White Label allow you to launch video contests. 

You have several posibilities to create a video contest:

1. Contest where the videos are uploaded to a video platform. 

You can run a contest where the participants have to include a video url previously uploaded to YouTube, Vmeo, Vine, etc.

2. Contest where the videos are uploaded directly to the app. 

Furthermore, Cool Promo White Label makes possible to create contests in which participants can upload their videos directly to the application. You can create this kind of contest both with our Diamond and Diamond One Plans. 

The price of these plans includes the first 50 videos that you participants upload to the app. Once you have outnumbered the limit, you will able to buy additional packs of 100 videos. Each pack costs 75$.

Do not worry, the campaing won't stop. The application will continue gathering all the users' participations. The option to upload the videos directly to the app will disappear and the participants will only have the possibility to upload them to video platforms (YouTube/Vimeo).

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