If you create a promo with our Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label apps, you must keep in mind that, if you activate the option "Enable public participation", you can always manage the participations in your campaign, moderating them before or after they are public. This option is very usual in photo or video contests, where it's essential to check which pictures or videos respond to your contest's requests.

There are two possible options to manage the public participations in your contest:

  1. Unpublish the participations that don't respond to your contest's requests.
  2. Erase the participations that don't respond to your contest's requests. 

Differences between unpublishing and erasing a participation

  • Unpublish a participation: There may be various reasons to unpublish a participation. One of them can be, for instance, that it doesn't meet the requirements or the legal conditions. When you unpublish a participation, it won't appear in the public participations list, though the userwill still be able to see his/her participation. If you have also chosen the option "Each user can only enter once" in the "Competition stages and winners" section, the user won't be able to participate again. 
  • Erase a participation: When you erase a participation, it will be completely erased from the participations list. The user will be able to enter the contest again. An example why participations are erased is because a user can ask the administrator to erase the video or ohoto s/he uploaded because he/she realized it's not the right one.

    Keep in mind that you can unpublish one or more participations at the same time, but if you want to erase them, you must do it one by one. 

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