You can create a direct sweepstake based on a Twitter or Instagram hashtag with our Social Media Analytics tool. You can make it from a profile which is already being monitored, or creating a new one from a hashtag. 

Create a hashtag sweepstake, step by step

  1. Access the "Monitoring" section and select an active a profile which is already being monitored or create a new one. To do so, click on Instagram hashtag or Twitter content. 

          2. Click on the "Manage" icon. 

          3. Filter the conditions you want the winners of your sweepstake to meet. You can choose dates, languages, to include or exclude certain content... Name the report and click on "Save this filter". 


4. A new webpage with the report you've created will be displayed. Click on "Sweepstakes and Winners" on the left side of it. 

6. Filter discarding the users who don't follow the selected profiles (feature available from our Gold One plan), choose the number of winners and alternates and select the winner by clicking on "Launch Sweepstake".  


You can run this kind of sweepstake with any of our plans. Keep in mind that our Stone One Plan only allows you to monitor three profiles.


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