To create a direct draw among your Instagram followers or those participants who comment one or more of your promoted ads, choose our Instagram Sweepstakes app. You can do it with our Gold One Plan. You can also establish as a condition that the participants follow one or more profiles if they want to enter the contest. 

How to create a sweepstake in promoted ads with Instagram Sweepstakes? 

1. Access Cool Tabs, create a new campaign and choose the Instagram Sweepstakes for Promoted Ads app. Allow access to your ads and choose the Instagram user with which you are going to launch the contest. Keep in mind that, as you're going to run a sweepstake in a promoted ad, you can only do it among users who have commented a certain post.

  • Select the promoted ad you want to run the contest with. 

  • Select the dates by which the data will be collected. 

 To choose the winner or winners, click on 'Choose winners' on the 'Winners' tab that you'll find on the left side of your screen.

  • You can select the winner or winners among the users that commented your photo/s or video/s. You can also filter the participants who have followed the account/s required (filter only available from our Gold One Plan).

Once you've chosen the winner/s, you'll get a link to a public winner's webebpage, so you can share the results with all your followers.

Can I create a sweepstake among participants who liked a promoted ad on Instagram

It's not possible to create a sweepstake among participants who liked a promoted post, as Instagram doesn't provide that kind of information. You can only create the sweepstake among users who have commented a promoted post.

Instagram Sweepstakes conditions

  • You can only make direct Instagram Sweepstakes among the followers and those users who like or comment on a post, always in public profiles.

Instagram Sweepstakes price:

Up to 100 participants more than 100 participants
0€ / $0 Available unlimited with any of our plans 
(From 20 € / $ 25)
Without report Download report*

* Downloading a report with all data from users who participated in the contest (likes/comments)

* This option is only available for the paid version of Instagram Sweepstakes. You'll find the following information in the report: username, name, number of followers, following number, number of tweets, profile description, location and personalized URL.

* If you want a report with all data from your followers, check out the possibilities of Page Performance for Instagram.


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