If you are going to create a sweepstake inTwitter, Instagram o Facebook and you wish other users to work in the campaign, you just need to follow these steps.

Step by step to invite other users to visualize or edit your campaigns 

1. Acces to Cool Tabs, create a new campaign and select  una nueva campaña y selecciona la aplicación Instagram Sweepstakes, Instagram Sweepstakes for promoted ads, Wall Promo, Wall Promo for promoted ads or Twitter Sweepstakes. 

2. Once the sweepstake is created, you need to use the feature Collaborators Management. You can access it by clicking on the "Content information" icon.

3. Click on Collaborators Management and on Invite collaborators.   

4. Manage the invitations for your collaborators. Here, you must fill in the fields Emails to invite, Email subject and the collaboration class they will have. 

  • Read only. Your collaborator will be able to see the contestants of the campaign, as well as the details and statistics, but he/she won't be able to change any data. 
  • Read & Moderate. Besides all the previous actions, the collaborator will be able to publish, unpublish and eliminate contestants, as well as choose the contest winners.
  • Read, Moderate & Write. Besides the previous actions, the collaborator will be able to modify all the campaign information.

5. Users you have invited must accept becoming collaborators and associate the Instagram profile they are going to use correctly. You can check the status of the invitations you've sent via email in the next step.