Cool Tabs allows you to embed your campaign directly on a webpage, blog or microsite. This feature has many advantages, such embeding your social media campaign on your website, attrackting clients and leads, offering discounts to your users or displaying it on any online site, not only Facebook or the promotion's microsite.  

Embed your Promotion on your Website

1. Access your contents in your client area and click on "Campaigns"

2. Choose the campaign you want to embed on your website and click on the icon "Content information", which is represented by an "i" inside a circle. 

3. Click the option ‘Embed widget', placed on the right side of the screen. Change the height and width to adapt it to your own website, copy the code and paste it in the place of your website you rather. You can embed the landing of your promotion, the entry form or quiz or the participations list gallery. 

4. ¡Ready! Check out the result. 

Concursos integrados por iframe

What you must keep in mind before embeding the promotion on your website: 

  • Our apps adapt to the space you want to save to embed your promotions. You just need to indicate the size of that space on the iframe. 
  • The authentication to participate in the promotion will be the one you've chosen in the section "Access to the promotion". The promotion will be visible for all those people who visit the website. 
  • If you want to recommend the users who visit your website to follow your social profiles, you can activate the option. A pop-up will show up. 
  • This feature is available for our Cool Promo Cool Promo White Label apps. 

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