When you create a promotion in Cool Tabs, you can choose and include the messages that will show up on Twitter when your promotion or a participation in it is shared on this social network. You can do it in the "Go viral!" section while creating your campaign. You can also do it when you create the personalised messages in a personality test or quiz with or without points for right answers. 

Nevertheless, if you modify any of these messages (title, text or image) once the campaign is already online and you try to share it on Twitter, you'll realise that the content that appears is the same as before you modified it. This is due to Twitter cache. 

In order to show the new content as soon as possible, you must use Twitter Crawler, that you can access from this URL: https://cards-dev.twitter.com/validator

Access the website, include your campaign's URL and click on "Preview card"

Once updated, the information shown on Twitter when you share the link will be displayed as it follows: