Con Cool Tabs podrás crear sorteos entre los usuarios que reaccionen (like, love, etc.) o comenten uno de tus anuncios en Facebook. La aplicación que te permite realizar este tipo de sorteo en Facebook está disponible a partir del plan Gold One. 

To create a direct draw among your Instagram followers or those participants who comment one or more of your promoted ads, choose our Wall Promo app. You can do it from our Gold One Plan.

How to create a sweepstake in promoted ads with Facebook Wall

1. Access Cool Tabs, create a new campaign and choose the Wall Promo for Promoted Ads app. Allow access to your ads and choose the Facebook user with which you are going to launch the contest. 

  • Select the promoted ad you want to run the contest with and name it. 

  • Select the dates by which the data will be collected. 

2. To choose the winner or winners, click on 'Choose winners' on the 'Winners' tab that you'll find on the left side of your screen.

  • You can select the winner or winners among the users that meet the following rules (you can select or leave empty the filters depending on the requirements): Participants who have liked and/or commented(one or both actions). If you choose comments, you can filter so the draw is made among those participants who have included a certain answer or comment. 

You also have the possibility to give extra ballot papers to those who have liked or commented or answered with a particular word. In a draw among comments, you can give ballot papers to those who have included a particular answer. Give extra ballot papers is available from our Gold One Plan).

Once you've chosen the winner/s, you'll get a link to a public winner's webebpage, so you can share the results with all your followers.