With Cool Tabs, you have the option to create a sweepstake from a list of participants. The application to create a random list sweepstakes allows you to import the list of participants from an Excel, CSV or text file. You can select one or several winners randomly among users who have participated in your draw. You'll get an URL with a Verified Certificate to share the winners’ page with your users.


How does the application work?

Just import your Excel, CSV or text file and select one or more winners. Quick and easy! Here is how it works: 

Your sweepstake from a list of participants, step by step 

1. Access to your Cool Tabs account, create a new campaign and select the application Random List Sweepstake.

2. Complete your sweepstakes data (choose a name to identify it) and import the file with the participants. It must be an Excel, CSV file or. txt.  

3. If you import an Excel file, choose which of the columns of the file identifies the participants. In other words, select the data you want to run the draw with. For example, in this case we've chosen the field "email".

4. Choose one or several winners.

5. Get an URL with a Verified Certificate to share the winners’ page with your users.

If you want to publish the winners page so all participants can see it, click on that option and it will be visible.   


What do you get with this application?

With this application you can run a sweepstake from a list of participants, customers or subscribers in a clear and verified way. It's the recommended solution for:

  • Unify sweepstakes online: you can unify the list of participants of different sweepstakes (Facebook sweepstakes and contests, Twitter Sweepstakes or Instagram Sweepstakes), and choose one or several winners randomly. You will only have to download your excel, unify the data and import it.  

In addition, it allows you to run a: 

  • Blog/YouTube comments swepstake: reward your blog readers or your YouTube fans. Collect or download the list of comments, and import the file.   

  • Sweepstake from an offline event: if you are going to organize an event, course or workshop and have in mind to run a draw among the attendees, this application allows you to do it.

  • Sweepstake from a list of subscribers: you can also run a draw among your newsletter subscribers. Export the file of contacts from your email marketing tool and import it in the Random List Sweepstakes app. 

Keep in mind:

  • The application to run a draw from a random list is available from our Stone One Plan
  • It’s important to bare in mind that, to import a text file in .txt format, the fields need to be separated by commas.

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